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0010010** Evolutions à financer **[Tous les projets] 3-Moyenpublic2012-08-28 10:42
RapporteurClaire HernandezAssigné àJonathan Druart 
PrioriténormaleImpactmineurReproductibilitén'a pas essayé
Statut RésoluRésolutioncorrigé 
Résumé0010010: KOCT 0.2.3 rejected
DescriptionYour add-on, KOCT 0.2.3, has been reviewed by an editor and did not meet the criteria for being hosted in our gallery.

Kris Maglione

Your version was rejected because of the following problems:

1) The codebase_principal_support preference and enablePrivilege function are considered unsafe to use and support for them will be removed from Firefox very soon:

2) Your add-on uses the 'eval' function or Function constructor unnecessarily, which is something we normally don't accept. There are many reasons *not* to use 'eval', and also simple alternatives to using it. You can read more about it here:

Please fix them and submit again. Thank you.

This version of your add-on has been disabled. You may re-request review by addressing the editor's comments and uploading a new version. To learn more about the review process, please visit

If you have any questions or comments on this review, please reply to this email or join #amo-editors on
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Informations complémentairessource dans un dépôt communautaire "global contrib"
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Jonathan Druart

2012-08-17 16:43

développeur   ~0030517

fichier envoyé par mail contenant le xpi et le patch:

de: Jonathan Druart
à: Claire Hernandez <>,
 Paul Poulain <>,
 Laurence Lefaucheur <>,
 Francois Charbonnier <>
date: 17 août 2012 16:37
objet: KOCT le retour !

Paul Poulain

2012-08-27 17:44

développeur   ~0030730

patch poussé sur le dépot contrib/global, and mail sent to koha-devel

Paul Poulain

2012-08-28 10:42

développeur   ~0030741

Je pense que du coup on peut mettre à résolu !

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